Aging at home, remodeling for senior living, senior care at home
Living Free barrier projects to promote aging in place lifestyle with universal design principle. People in key positions in the healthcare industry like occupational therapists, home health care advocates and physical therapists agree with the concepts and project principals. Visit for a clear and concise training program that will provide the highest degree of quality of living accessibility in a standard of fashion for the least investment of time, money and energy. Not only is the idea to meet the structural challenges of the projects but to also add a complimentary and aesthetically pleasing presentation that will truly add to the long term value of the property as well as adding a better quality of life to the occupants. Like most great training programs this program will address the challenges with standardized solutions to promote the aging in place lifestyle, handicap accessibility and senior-friendly living environment. Many companies, with the best intentions, can spend an appropriate amount of money, time and effort and produce a remodeling project that does not ultimately provide a safe accessible option that also adds to the real estate values, in short the project failed.
Hospital or Senior Care facility administrators can build confidence their clients are leaving their facility and going home to a house that works for them and their needs instead of against them. This program is great for construction companies, students interested in vocational schools or trade schools, development disability service industry workers, social workers, physical therapists and anyone else involved with home care concerns. Construction companies, home designers or anyone building a new house can benefit from not only the increased living environment but also create a home that services a significant portion of the existing population. It is estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that 45 million Americans are currently disabled and there are around 70 million baby boomers coming of age that should be looking to the future and considering remodeling with accessibility in mind.
There are no other programs out there that clearly deliver the accessibility remodeling nuts and bolts of residential accessibility. Gain the knowledge and avoid the contractual risks and deliver the best possible accessibility remodeling projects to the large customer base. So if you are in the construction trades and looking to expand the line of services you are offering your clients this training program can give you an advantage in efficiently delivering the much needed services.
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