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Sometimes a Senior truly needs to move to a facility. But what if you could “bring Assisted Living home” instead… and stay in your home?

Is Assisted Living Right for You?

The decision to start providing additional care for your loved one can be a difficult one. If that decision includes considering assisted living facilities, you will need to consider the expense required to get a good assisted living facility and whether that expense outweighs the benefits.

In fact, we have found that assisted living facilities almost always have people that don’t need to be there and who could be receiving that care at home for a fraction of the cost. Consider also, that within a facility, even a really good one, you’re not always receiving additional one-on-one care… you’re part of a group. That’s very appropriate for some families, but you’re still not getting that personalized attention that you might need.
Home is Sacred

The biggest challenge with an assisted living is simply this: it is not your loved one’s home. It is a home, and it may be a very appropriate place for them, but it’s not their home. So what if you could bring the assisted living facility home? To your loved one’s home. And enjoy the benefits that they might find there such as safety, nutrition, social interaction, and activities all in the comfort of their own home.
Bring Assisted Living Home

We support placement in an assisted living facility when that is appropriate for your loved one, but that’s often not the case. Care to Continue provides personalized home care that can allow your loved one to bring the assisted living home.

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