Common Challenges Faced by Senior Living Facilities
Senior living facilities, in all of their forms, face a unique set of challenges. Apart from taking quality care of numerous patients with limited staff, the recent shift in healthcare reform has played an active role in creating new and more complex challenges for this sector. As we take a closer look at the common challenges that these establishments face, ensure your clients are protected with an iron-clad Assisted Living Professional Liability Insurance policy.

Healthcare reform.

The creation of ACOs and MCOs, in conjunction with bundled payments, are changing the tracking of performance. At Senior Living 100, the general consensus was that there is not a specific proven methodology or process available to effectively track performance as part of an ACO, or to identify the bundled payment methodology. Instead, different providers are using different approaches, with little standardization across the industry, says Care Merge.

Increased family engagement.

With the implementation of technology, there are so many other ways that families can stay informed on their loved ones who reside in senior living facilities. While there are standard procedures in place to measure guest and family satisfaction, the industry is now faced with enhancing their communications with family members. Automatic updates, streamlining notifications via phone calls, reducing confusion, and building trust within the facility are all focuses of this industry.

Data analytics tracking.

Whether you are trying to demonstrate to an ACO or MCO that your senior living community provides value, or marketing to prospective residents and families, data is the key to success, says the article. However, tracking medication management, injury incidents, etc. is difficult with the current technology that senior living facilities have. Collecting this data provides beneficial information to the progress and management of the facility, so creative solutions are required.

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