Fire safety at local senior living facilities
KFDM News – by Sarai Demien

Senior living facilities like Baten Arms in Beaumont are working with Beaumont Fire Rescue to keep residents safe from fires.

In the aftermath of the fire at a senior living center near San Antonio this past weekend, fire safety is on many peoples’ minds.

Advocates for fire safety are calling for changes in fire codes statewide to include automatic sprinklers.

At Baten Arms sprinklers and fire alarm systems are already in place and Captain Brad Penisson finds they are essential for the protection of residents.

The automatic response provided by these devices can mean saving lives.

“If there is a water flow. It immediately sets off the alarm and we get a call that the sprinkler system is activated at this location and we can immediately dispatch units. We don’t have to wait for a phone call,” says Captain Brad Penisson.

Clearly marked exits with doors that open easily are also important to give residents a way out during a fire.

Although fire drills are not required by code, Baten Arms still practices them regularly.

Nancy Brown is a resident at Baten Arms and she knows exactly where her nearest exit is.

“The stairs. One is on this end and one is by the lounge and on the other end too,” says Brown.

For Penisson to save lives means working together.

“The fire protection systems can only do so much. They are designed to save lives if possible but they can only do so much. That’s why we want every one to work in conjunction,” says Penisson.