Mainstreet Provides Hotel-Like Hospitality Environments for Senior Assisted Living Care
American Structurepoint would like to thank Mainstreet LLC for being our client. As an investment company focused on the acquisition and development of healthcare real estate properties and brands that bring a sense of independence, dignity, and pride to senior populations, Mainstreet’s residential and rehabilitation facilities for seniors are designed to function as the new look and feel for future health and wellness suites throughout the Midwest.

Together with Mainstreet as the developer, our architects have been designing cost-effective, state-of-the-art assisted living facilities for seniors within the context of “Main Street USA,” which are partnerships between Mainstreet, the operator, the senior community center, adjacent hospitals, and others. By focusing on a hospitality-oriented atmosphere and a sensory environment centered on wellness, these unique facilities offer a sense of community and comfortable healing space, which residents are happy to call home.