Relationship between Home Care Rep and Assisted Living Rep


“Helping Service Providers Find Those in Need of Care”

The biggest misconception in all of healthcare, I feel, is the relationship between the Marketing Reps for Home Care and Assisted Living Communities (ALC). For almost everyone out there, this belief is that “We compete with one another.” That couldn’t be farther from the truth! First off, the clients are two different types of individuals. Many Home Care Clients are people who require/desire 1 on 1 care. ALCs are not looking for those individuals because they cannot offer that level of service.

Since we’re not competitors, then what can we do together? Well as Nicole the Polar Vortex describes above, you want to be POWER PARTNERS!!! This is a concept that we’ve perfected here and I’ve executed for well over a decade (long before my Healthcare days). It’s finding those individuals who work for businesses that offer a service or product that’s synergistic to ours. So ALCs are PERFECT for Home Care companies.

How can we work together? Nicole was my power partner back in the day, and we did many things. One was collaborating on events. She had the space, she had a chef, and she was supposed to do events often. I wanted to do events to further expand my reach into the community, and I had a marketing budget to spend. We BOTH wanted to bring in new connections, contacts, and prospects. So coming together for an event, whether educational or fun, was a no brainer. The “Howell Sweet It Is” event was her event that I co-sponsored. We found all the bakeries, chocolate makers, and other providers of “goodies” to come in and give out free samples of their products. We promoted it through the chamber and other avenues in the same town, put out a sign in front of the place, and even sent direct mailers. Then we had the event at her place two weeks prior to Thanksgiving, so people ordered all types of items for gifts and gatherings. The local businesses ALL loved us, they got a ton of business from it, and we were the most well-known ALC and Home Care companies in the area. Win win win!!!

Going further, I didn’t co-sponsor everything, but she had to do at least one event a month as per the requirements of her job. So anytime she had something going on, I would grab a handful of her invitations and pass them out to people in the area at places she couldn’t get to. The ALC marketing reps are supposed to get out periodically to go marketing, but the time to do so is often limited. So since I was on the road anyway for 30+ hours a week, I could help her out. This in turn helped ME out because I was able to have a purpose for drop by visits those two weeks, as I was giving out invitations. So when people said, “Hey Steve, what brings you by today, we don’t have anything for you. Why are you here?” I would say “Oh, don’t worry, I wanted to drop this off,” then use that to strike up a conversation, schmooze and typically get a referral within 48 hours of that visit. Again win win win!!!

So why did we spend 3 weeks discussing Assisted Living Communities? Because they are GREAT referral sources for Private Duty Home Care. On January 20th, Nicole the Polar Vortex will be leading a webinar discussing the ins and outs of ALCs and how to get them to refer and work with you. If you’re not getting referrals from them currently, then I strongly recommend you sign up and register for this webinar NOW as part of the Team Hurricane exclusive content. Hope you’re doing well, hope 2015 is starting strong. If it isn’t or you want more, become a member today and learn everything you need to BLOW AWAY THE COMPETITION!!